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Wonderful News

I just found out the my son Darnell and his wife Sheana are three months pregnant. They lost their first baby so she is still a little worried--can't blame her but since she is past her first three months I think that all will be find. They heard the baby's heartbeat. I can not wait until Feb. gets here to met my new grandbaby.


Here is one of the pictures from Kiara's photos shoots.


My granddaughter Kiara has made the finals in the modeling talent search, Here are some of her pictures.


534028_10200949190831150_148243447_nKiara and the last two pictures of Kiara in her Easter dress.

Below are a few pictures of Nova and Aura together and a few pictures of the girls by themselves.


Mom and I gotten moved into our new apt. We got the dish turned on Monday and I got my internet on today. We had gotten everything unpacked and put up. Glad to have my internet back up I was getting bored without it. I have gotten all my inbox messages got up.


Hopefully we will be moving this weekend it will all depend on when I can get the water and lights on over there or weather when the light and water companies can get the lights, water, and gas on. Mom's church helped with the house deposit and the light deposit, we will take care of the internet and gas deposit. The church is going to help us move all the big stuff and what boxes we have left over--we are hoping that we can have it done this weekend.


My daughter-in-law just posted a new picture of Kiara on facebook. She is a little diva I will warn you
74193_10100162214348459_1501222654_nThe picture below is my granddaughters Nova (sitting) and Aura.

Jan. 28th, 2013

I am so tired of my mom always sticking up for Bill (my brother) -- she does not stick up for me like she does Bill. It is always Bill this or that and we can be hurting for money or to pay the bills and if Bill ask for money or anything she would give it to him--hell she won't me. Bill is not going to be helping us pay the bills -- since they are a month behind we will be paying this month bills next month and he should be helping since he lived here. I said something to my mom and all she said is that he is having a hard time well hell so are we--we are stuck paying all the bills plus all the moving deposit. I told mom if Bill screws up his bill again that he (and family) is not moving in with us again and I am putting down my foot on that. Yeah they have deposits to pay but shit so do we and it is only right that he pays his half of the bill from here. All I know is if mom moves Bill (and family) in with us again I am moving out and living by myself--hell I should of stayed living by myself.


Mom and I had found an apt--really nice. The landlady seems really nice and well to fix things on a timely matter unlike the landlady we have now. We can transfer water deposit but for some reason the light company will not transfer the deposit so we have to give a new deposit. And what is even worse they will not even send us back the deposit but put it toward our new apt. i think that the old deposit should be return to me after the last bill is taken out. The trash pick up and lawn is taken care of by the landlady and we pay the rest of the bills. She had taken $50 off the rent for us and had taken off $50 for the pet deposit. The old landlady is upset because I did not give her 30 day notice but the way I look at it she should have fix the problems with the house that we asked for a year which she still has not fixed.


Well my mom does not want to move out of town and that apt was out of town so I am back to looking for apt/house with two bedrooms and it would be nice if I can find one in town with the bills all paid but if not mom and I decided that we could go to $600 if bills are not included and around $800 if all bills are paid. We have two strikes against us (1) is the college students have rented up many of the in town apt/house, and (2) we have a small dog and a cat that was dewclaw in the front. I am running into the problems of people not wanting pets but I am not getting rid of my cat or is mom getting rid of her dog so we will keep on looking until we fine some who allow pets. Where are now the rent it not bad it is $550 however, the landlord here still has not fix the problems that we told her about a year ago and I am getting tired of her not fixing things.